Someone wise once told us that your wedding photographs are the only things you’ll have to remember your wedding day by. At E&O, we take that responsibility very seriously. We want you to experience that same sense of joy every time you look back and remember one of the most special days of your entire life.

Picture this: no cringe 1980s-style group poses; no “now let’s do a silly one!”; no flash being stuck in your face while you’re trying to cut your wedding cake; no hangry waiting guests because we stole you away for an hour and a half; and no tripping over equipment cases and lighting stands because we’ve turned your reception area into a makeshift studio.

E&O is the brainchild of two (quite tall, quite hairy) photographers, Jake Owens and Tim Easton, who wanted to use their years of professional experience to produce something better. We’ve since expanded our team to include a third tall and hairy individual, videographer and photographer Tom Russell, who shares our distaste of cringe novelty poses and complicated lighting set-ups. We are based in London, and can travel worldwide. We really do love a field trip.

Our style is natural, candid, story-telling wedding photography. We want to capture the magic of your day exactly as it was (well, exactly as it was if it had perfect lighting, because we’re pretty great at fixing that sort of thing). Therefore, we always use natural and available light, so no big flashes and lighting equipment. We always shoot in a pair, because that means that we never miss a moment, and we can provide maximum coverage from both of your perspectives. We especially believe in not over-interfering with the running of your wedding day. Think of us as wedding guests, except instead of getting drunk and attempting the lift from Dirty Dancing, we’ll be sneakily documenting the people who do. If your mother-in-law really wants a photo of you and all of your siblings standing outside the venue, we’re more than happy to oblige. We’re not snobs- it’s your day, and we make sure we know all of your needs and requests before the big day. We’re just dedicated to producing pictures that you’ll really enjoy and treasure forever. Oh, and we’ll make you look good. Even if you hate having your photo taken.

"You've both done a beautiful job, and we cannot express how much we love every single photo. They're more than quick snaps, you've managed to capture the moment"

"Jake and Tim, we are absolutely blown away by the photos!! You have captured everything and more. They are exceptional!!!! "

“Best wedding photography in London. Possibly the world.” - Jake’s mum

"Thank you guys for capturing our day beautifully. I LOVE our photos"

"You guys were the best! Thank you so much, our pictures are amazing!"

"I wish I'd had them as my photographers!"


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